As a group assignment for our course on User Interface Design (fall 2014), we designed a fictional service for the Tampere railway station. The main purpose of the service is to help train passengers to quickly find out information about their departure with the QR code in their ticket, either paper or mobile ticket, and to be able to browse through the services available at the station. The service can only be used from stationary 26″ screens scattered around the station. My main responsibilities in the project were to describe the hardware setup and to create a functional mockup of the system using an online tool called Balsamiq. Our grade for the assignment was 5/5.

Here is a screenshot showing some of the hardware setup portion in the final report.

Fictional stationary screen

The mockup created with Balsamiq can be viewed in this PDF Balsamiq-mockup-Paaso

An interactive mockup with Balsamiq 2014